Cambridge BrainBox Primary Plus 2

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Cambridge BrainBox Primary plus 2 kit covers the national curriculum in Science at Key Stage 3

Easily learn about motors, switches, sound and light, and experiment with other electric circuits.

Suitable for ages 8 – 12 

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Cambridge BrainBox Primary Plus 2 is a children’s educational electronics kit. The kit is designed to be used in the classroom however it can also be used at home to provide many happy hours of experimentation and enhanced learning.

The area covered in this kit is the national curriculum for key stage 1 & 2 Science in addition with basic ‘Electric Circuits’. As well as a section about motors, switches, sound and light. Can also be used as a stepping-stone to Key Stage 3 and 4 electronics.

Use this kit to experiment and learn with electric circuits using switches, sensors and electric motors.

Cambridge BrainBox Primary Plus 2 kit features: 

  • Follows the National Curriculum Science at Key Stage 3 Science
  • Easy to build circuits
  • Suitable for all ability levels
  • Clear diagrams to help with construction
  • Many fun experiments to aid understanding and learning
  • Construct your own radio
  • Make a water alarm
  • Spare parts available on request

Primary Plus 2 Kit parts list: 

  • One Snap Connector
  • Two Snap Connector
  • Three Snap Connector
  • Four Snap Connector
  • Five Snap Connector
  • Six Snap Connector
  • Vibrating Switch
  • Buzzer
  • Touch Plate
  • Reed Relay (Reed Switch)
  • Press Switch
  • Slide Switch
  • Photosensor
  • LED
  • 2.5 V Lamp
  • Battery Unit
  • Speaker
  • Music IC
  • Alarm IC
  • Sound Effects IC
  • DC Motor
  • Medium Wave IC
  • LED
  • Elector magnetic Buzzer
  • Variable Resistor
  • Power Amplification IC
  • 100 Resistor
  • 470 F Capacity
  • Blades
  • Manet
  • High Resistance wire

This kit also includes a user manual with a parts list and instructions.

Please note this set does require 4x AA batteries.

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