Welcome to Cambridge Brainbox

Have fun learning

Each kit is stimulating, absorbing and offers hours of enjoyment, learning the basic concepts of electricity and electronics

Ready to use

No soldering or wire trimming is required. All parts are ready to clip together, straight from the box!

Simple Assembly

Experiments are assembled on a baseboard and parts clip together quickly and easily with press-studs. The baseboard offers stability and the ability to carry a complete experiment around without parts falling off.

Colour Coded Parts

All parts are numbered and colour coded for easy identification and cross reference with the instructions and diagrams in the user manual.

Conveniently Packaged

Each part has a special pre-assigned slot in the box for easy location when required. This helps you to see that everything is present when packed away.

User Guides

A comprehensive, easy to follow user guide is included with every kit. It shows each circuit, with the appropriate colour illustrations.

Teacher/Parent Notes

In addition to the user guide, the Primary Kit includes curriculum worksheets and teacher/parent notes to assist the teaching process. The Primary Plus 2, the Secondary 2 and the Cars and Boats 2 all have National Curriculum worksheets

Therapeutic Qualities

The instant visual or aural rewards created as a result of preparing an experiment can provide a therapeutic stimulus, valuable in certain learning environments.

National Curriculum

Many of the kits are designed to follow the National Curriculum, having worksheets and instructions as per the QCA schemes of work.

Equal Appeal For Boys And Girls

Cambridge BrainBox kits are designed to appeal to both boys and girls as a colourful and exciting medium for creativity and experimentation.

Suitable For All

The BrainBox method of making electrical connections is so simple that children with a very wide range of abilities can build the circuits